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Get More Clients 
& Generate More Sales

We Are Not Another Digital Marketing Agency Based In Dublin, Ireland


When we work with businesses we have one goal in mind.
The goal is to bring you more paying clients.
Bring them through your door.
Increase your sales.
Generate more revenue.

How We Do It?

We do it with the use of:
  •  Online Advertising
  •  Social Media Marketing
  • Advanced Lead Generation Systems
  •  Sales Funnels
  •  Automation
Want More Business?
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Lower Your Cost Per Customer 
Increase Your Average Sale
& Grow Your Business
"Previously I've advertised on Facebook and I had little to no return on the adverts... So far with the Facebook promotion, the engagement has been massive. Bigger then I could have ever imagined. We've had pretty much consistent leads... between 3-5 leads a day. On average that's turned out to around 120 in the month. With the sales funnels and Martin it really offers a different approach for my business. We were quite unilateral in our approach to marketing with loads of referrals, but now with the sales funnels, it added a different aspect of bringing and driving traffic to the clinic... I highly recommend Martin and if you're looking to build a business or develop a business or generate more leads it's definitely an avenue you have to go down."
Patrick Ryder
DC MChiro
Dublin City Chiropractic
Substo Digital Marketing Agency Dublin Lead Generation Results
Are You Tired Of Burning Through Ad Spend With No Results?
Do You Want A Winning Strategy?
Who We Are
We're a small team that is super efficient and good at getting ROI for our clients (i.e. you). Our business model is simple - we generate leads, that convert to clients and sales which make you more money

How many new clients do you want every month?
Schedule strategy call to find out if we can get it.
If we can, we will guarantee it.
If we won't, next month is on us!
Substo Digital Marketing Agency Dublin Martin Green Founder
Martin Green
Founder of Substo
Digital Marketing 
Sales Funnels Expert
We craft and manage profitable customer acquisition campaigns that generate Return On Investment for our clients.  
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In an ever-changing digital world, keeping up with what's new, and what's working, is a greater challenge now than ever.
Do You Want Return On Your Investment?
We have perfected a 7 Step System that delivers results. 
Schedule a time to talk about your online marketing strategy. Find out how we make advertising profitable.
They Say
Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.
So We Keep Things Simple

1. We Find Your Goals
2. If We Are Good Fit We Guarantee It
3. We Deliver Results Or Next Month Of Advertising Is On Us
Substo Digital Marketing Agency Dublin Guarantee
What We Do
Lead Generation and Online Sales
For Business Owners, Founders, Agency Execs and Marketing Directors
Front End - Paid Media Acquisition Strategies
  Search Engines Ads (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube)
  Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat)
  Influencers Endorsement / Ads
  Sales Funnels
  Chat Bots

Back End - Paid Media Acquisition Strategies
  Email Marketing - Welcome Email, Email Reminders, Email Sequence, Soap Opera Sequence
  SMS Marketing - Welcome Text, SMS Reminders
  Ringless Voicemail - Welcome Voicemail, Voicemail Reminders
  Call Tracking and Recording
  Sneaky Surveys
  Secret Shopping

Experimenting with the advertising online can turn out to be pricey without proper execution... Everyone has many responsibilities already on our plate. Taking the time to learn the ins and outs of what works in digital marketing isn't worthwhile.

It's not enough to know what platforms are the best anymore. You also need a deep understanding of how the consumer interacts with each platform. The customer journey. upsales, downsales, followup sequences, urgency, scarecity, relationship funnels, automation etc. The more you dig into it the mroe it get's overwhelming.

Even then, you ask yourself "What combination of all what's out there will best suit my initiative?"

Explore what combination of strategies will be the most profitable fit for you. Get clarity and strategy in a specific area of your business. Schedule a 30-minute results consultation call with Martin. 

Tracking Your ROI
Start Seeing a Return on your Investment - Here's how we do it
When it comes time to finally pick a marketing company, there is always one question left up to chance.  
"Will I make my money back, let alone a return on my investment?"

We understand we aren't all Coca-Cola or Amazon with millions of dollars a year to spend on marketing so we keep cost minimal.

So when you do decide to trust a marketing agency with your investment, you deserve the up most detail in the transparency behind your campaign. 

We track every step of your campaign. We adjust it accordingly using projections. We scale and optimize it over time. We create a monthly report where you can track the process and return on your investment. 

We divide the report into two categories:

1. Social Metrics
- People Reached
- Clicks to Website
- Opt-ins
- Bookings
- Calls
- Post Engagements
- Video Views
Page Likes

2. ROI - Return On The Investment
- Total Spend
- Total Sales - Purchases
- Life Time Value of Customer

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